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Kindness is Timeless

It is also quite challenging. Especially...ESPECIALLY in this day and age. Whew!

Social media, news, and everything going on in the world these days really do make it hard to keep your mind on positivity and kindness. But I do believe that innately, at the heart of most people, is kindness.

I believe most people truly do want to be part of the greater good, not part of problems in our society.

I believe that most people would rather have someone walk away from an interaction with them and say, "wow, that was such a nice guy! (or girl!)" than walk away thinking "ugh, what a jerk!"

But the way things are these days, a comment leads to an insult, and an insult leads to an all out attack on groups of people, and then each side becomes more deeply entrenched in their stance while moving further away from understanding and resolution. And I am SOOOOO guilty of this!

While I believe that, at the end of the day, we are all human and we all have faults. I believe we also all have love and kindness in us. We want to be heard, understood, respected, and loved.

I created Hug Life Culture because I truly believe that kindness wins. I believe expression is a wonderful thing. And I believe that there is a connection between mood and clothing. Our pieces will strive to be a reflection of the world while maintaining a vibe of love, positivity, community, health, and peace.

Thanks for stopping by!

And remember, live kindly.



CEO of Hug Life Culture

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